Rules and Guidelines

Here in the community we maintain a very friendly and nice environment. We tried to keep the rules as relaxing as possible. So here we go:

  1. No Offense- getting offensive in any way with other members has zero tolerance.

  2. No Promotion- you cannot promote/spam/advertise any other businesses.

  3. Maintain Category- post topics accordingly with the categories, which doesn’t fall under a certain category, we always have the “other” category!

  4. No Nudity- respect the general audience, no posting of links or images as such.

  5. No Business- do not conduct any sort of sales or purchase through the forum, as the authority will not be responsible for any of your disputes.

  6. No Creeps- no DM with links, products, promotion or business purpose, no harassment.

Violating the guidelines/rules will result in Deleted Posts, Silenced / Restricted / Banned accounts.